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SilverStripe is out since couple of years. It is well thought-out to be the excellent open source CMS. It is a new player in comparison to Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. Particularly, this CMS is not that extensible as the above three, but it seems to be quite easy to maintain and is a wonderful alternative for the clients. It offers several amenities associated to search engine optimization. Descriptions and keywords can easily be put in the text boxes. Almost everything in this CMS is intended for easy accessibility. The specifications of SEO are incorporated in SilverStripe, hence it is not that a complicated task now.

Basically, Silverstripe makes use of Gsitemap support in order to augment the SEO abilities of Content Management System. Moreover, it can be complicated to submit XML file linked with each and every entry on CMS to Yahoo, Google, or MSN. The functionality generates a zipped XML file, which is submitted automatically to Google. Few individuals require this service to keep certain pages missing from Google’s reach. Such pages can offer the best probable solution to the issue.

SilverStripe generates user and SEO friendly URLs. To be more precise, you have the option to make use of Google AdWords incorporation in order to increase the SEO abilities as well as advertising budget track of the website. All these campaigns may be managed and tracked with CMS. As a result, it is quite simple to handle everything associated to SEO in the CMS itself.