Reseller Web Hosting

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Reseller web hosting is a service whereby a reseller owner rents out the disk space and bandwidth to the users on behalf of third-parties. A reseller can be a web hosting firm, system integrator, or a developer that provides web hosting services. The reseller purchases the services on wholesale and then sells it off to different users at profitable prices. A reseller gets certain portion of bandwidth and hard drive from a hosting company, and he/she then rents it to the users, evidently for some profit. A reseller can rent a dedicated server, or can resell shared hosting account. A reseller is only not allowed to rent a server to its customer from a hosting company that he/she has signed for a reseller account.

This type of web hosting is considered as a cost-effective method for the entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own set up or company. Many reseller hosting service providers chalk out their own plan and pricing model. This is also the way to establish brand name via customized servers and control panels.

To have a reseller account, extensive technical skills are not mandatory. A data center provider is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the servers. Usually, any issues with the server, up gradation, security, etc. is taken care by a service provider with whom the reseller has purchased the services. A ressler can manage his/her account through control panels, such as WHM/cPanel, Plesk (Windows/Unix), DirectAdmin, Webmin (Unix), and H-sphere (H-sphere).


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