RAID Data Recovery

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RAID Data Recovery is the mechanism that recovers and restores data from a RAID storage architecture. To recover and restore data from one or more RAID drives and storage components, it uses a combination of both manual and automated data recovery techniques. RAID data recovery can be performed on both hardware – and software – based RAID.

RAID configured systems have got immense popularity among small and medium sized organizations across the globe for their storage solutions. Highly fault-tolerant and the cost-effectiveness are some of the major reasons why RAID arrays are being used in businesses today.

However, if a RAID array fails as a result of data overwritten, faulty hard disk, faulty controllers, application / software corruption or reformatting, it leaves the data unusable and in most cases corrupted. RAID data recovery is a sophisticated task because RAID data configurations usually have different data layouts depending on manufacturers – mostly for competitiveness. Without having in-depth understanding of how RAID arrays are configured at hardware, firmware and software levels, not only your attempt to recover data will fail, but might result in further data corruption.

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