RAID 4 Recovery

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RAID 4 Recovery is a process of recovering data and restoring normal operations in RAID 4 infrastructure. The process requires the combination of both manual and automated measures that enable a RAID 4-type array to recover data and operations to normal configuration after an error or failure.

You might lose data on RAID 4 due to any of the following reasons:

• RAID Controller error

• Formatting of hard drive accidentally

• Mistakenly deletion of files

• Loss of parity

• Disk failures

• Viruses

• Data corruption, and many more

Usually, a RAID 4 recovery is accomplished through RAID data recovery software. The goal of RAID 4 recovery is to ensure that drives are operational before data can be extracted from them. The recovery process may require physical repairing or resolving hardware-based disk issues. It also needs recovery of parity information.

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