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Public Cloud is one of the standard cloud computing models, wherein a service provider makes resources available to the general public over a network, such as the Internet. These virtualized cloud services can be free of charge or on a pay-per-usage model.

Resources, like storage, applications, software, etc. are made available to the general public over the network. There are number of service providers, such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon that own the entire infrastructure at their data center. Unlike private cloud, Public cloud offer services to numerous clients using the same shared infrastructure.

Major benefits that Public Cloud Computing services offer are listed below:

- Highly scalable to meet user requirements

- Works on pay-as-go model, which ensures user only pay for what they have utilized

- Simple and expeditious set-up

- Cost-effective as hardware, bandwidth, and application costs are covered by the service provider

- Platform independent, which means data or information can be remotely accessed with any of the Internet ready device

Although, there are some security concerns with public cloud services, but this service is utilized by large number of users.


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