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ProcessWire is a free open source PHP CMS/CMF (content management system/ content management framework) that can be deployed giving the end users simple yet robust control over the web pages, templates, field and mark up. Managing content and developing a site is easy and simple with ProcessWire. It does not sacrifice on any of the features and the users do not have to be technical experts to manage the CMS. It has the capabilities to manage big and small website pages without any hassles. The jQuery style API offers a pleasant interface. The users just need little background of PHP. The API comprises of selectors, variables, nodular plugin architecture. ProcessWire is an ideal platform for the web developers and designers as it offers them the tools to get the desired website designed for the customers. The user interface offers ease of use with all the tools displayed on the screen. The installation of modules is easy. You just drag the modules to the directory and click on install. The ProcessWire framework has over 370 modules which is far lower than what is available with the other CMSs. They are of very high quality and powerful. The CMS uses a hierarchal structure for pages similar like a family tree and it can be scaled easily without any limit. The templates can be used in any form as HTML documents or RSS feeds or controllers without any restrictions. ProcessWire has effective caching mechanism and pages can be inserted with ease. It offers multi-language support and is very secure.