Private Cloud

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Private Cloud is one of the standard models of cloud computing, wherein only specified client or enterprise can operate, which ensures enhanced security and greater control. This distinguished and secured cloud platform provides computing power as a service using an underlying pool of physical computing resource.

A public cloud shares similar characteristics of public cloud system, but wards-off the various risks attached to computing model, such as security and compliance concerns, user data, etc. Public cloud setup is implemented within the corporate firewall, which ultimately reduces the potential risks, and provides more control over the critical data.

This ring fenced public cloud model is ideal for any organization that needs to store and process confidential data with zero privacy breach.

Some of the features of Public Cloud are listed below:

- Enhanced Security and Privacy

- Provide greater control as it is only accessible by single organization

- Improvised reliability

- Private cloud can be employed with Cloud Bursting

Private Cloud is also sometime known as internal cloud or corporate cloud.


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