Personal Hosted Cloud

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With private cloud computing infrastructure, you can enjoy a personal hosted cloud where the cloud runs on your terms. A personal hosted cloud will offer you pay-as-you-go services which let you pay only for the resources you use. In this model, a business’s IT staff manages the cloud for internal employees. Everything is stored and managed by the enterprise itself in a private cloud and the backups are stored offsite. You can pay for the infrastructure and software as and when you need them. In other words, you simply have to sign up for [private cloud services] to enjoy the benefits of online data storage.

In a personal hosted cloud, the cloud resources are dedicated entirely to your business, either within your data center or a data center which is hosted on a partner’s hosting facility. Businesses can therefore enjoy better security, easy customization and privacy compared to what they would enjoy in a public cloud. With private cloud hosting, you can save a lot of money because you will be using your own manpower and equipment. This form of hosting appeals greatly to businesses which demand greater control over their resources and infrastructure, and who have a lot of confidence and trust in their IT staff.


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