Open Atrium

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Open atrium is an open source collaboration and task management software that lets the teams in an organization stay connected through projects and knowledge base. Open Atrium is one of the distributions of Drupal 7 that is used for building websites. It lets organizations create intranets, social collaboration platforms, web portals and team portal packages and includes features like blogs, wiki, a to do list, calendar and a shout box. Open Atrium is developed and maintained by Phase 2 Technology a US based company. It does not require the users to be technically skilled. Being open source, Open Atrium does not require any licenses to be purchased and no vendor lock-in and no restrictions in its features.

Open Atrium allows its users to create groups, teams, and gives different permission levels to the team members on the basis of “who can see what” while sharing the information. It is modular and allows the users to build and customize the platform as they find convenient and suitable to their business growth. It is highly scalable and allows the users to add more frameworks as business grows and demands. Open atrium offers several responsive layouts to choose from and integrates seamlessly across multiple devices. With its drag and drop feature it makes it easy for the users to move content across pages, adding widgets, change styles while displaying text, videos, images, maps and others. Open atrium acts as a unifying force by making it feasible for members of a team to meet and work together wherever they are on one single platform.