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OnApp software tool provides functionality for cloud infrastructure management for hosts, telecommunication and other service providers. The software authorizes your data centers to use the hardware commodity to sell cloud services, dedicated servers, CDN, Virtual Private Servers, DNS, and Storage. through completely automatic control panel. It empowers hosts and other service providers, to set up and manage public and private clouds on their actual infrastructure, using possession tools. Further they can launch cloud-based services to their clients, with easy distribution of virtual machines running different operating systems on the same hardware at the same time. The bill per hour for the cloud resources used and easily scalable resources to meet the changing demands of their users and customers.

With OnApp Cloud, hosts can set up private or public clouds in couple of minutes, using repository of pre-set up, customizable virtual machine templates; customize virtual machines, resources, templates, users, migrate virtual machines near-instantly to maximize use of server resources, and minimize downtime for users; billing and more; through an intuitive control panel; host multiple virtual machines with different operating systems in complete isolation from each other; and scale to match demand and minimize cost: save energy and make best use of available hardware.

On 21 July 2011, 2.2 version of OnApp Cloud was announced, incorporated with load balancing, auto scaling, and support for VMs based on the FreeBSD OS. With Version 2.3 IPv6 support, integration of OnApp CDN, and the facility to switch virtual disks between SANs was introduced.


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