Modular Data Center

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The portability of the data centers can be accessed through the modular data center. The best part about this that this can be installed as an option to the traditional data center without compromising on any of its facilities. This has provision of being added to an existing facility of data center and customized to the users’ needs. They contain standardized components which provide them the flexibility to be installed without much to think about.

There are two types of this facility – the first one is known as the containerized data centers or portable modular data centers and the second one as the dismantled lot which can be put together at a place of the user’s choice or may be integrated with an existing one. The first type is configured in a shipping container and shipped to the user. They come fitted with their own cooling systems.

The second type is marketed by a number of service providers of the conventional data centers. They are transported in parts and put together at the desired location of the client. They are connected by a central operating system and the rest are added as and when required. These come with prefabricated metal sheets and are quickly built at the desired location and integrated to an existing facility.


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