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MediaWiki is an open source and free wiki software application developed by a non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation. The software is released under the GNU GPL license. The software is vastly used by all wikis around the world. Written in PHP language the MediaWiki software is robust and highly scalable and uses the MySQL database. It is an easy to use platform and users need not be specifically technically trained in HTML or CSS for editing and using it.

MediaWiki has the feature of storing both the original content and the revised content when a user edits a page. This enables the software to revert back to its original version in case there is any flaw in the edited version or is attacked by spamming and other similar activities. The software is capable of managing large multimedia and image files too that are stored in the filesystem. It offers caching features too for the large wikis that have an increased number of users. It has the capability to serve high traffic sites like the Wikipedia.

MediaWiki was first released in 2003 and the latest version was updated in august 2016. It is accessible in more than 350 languages. It has numerous extensions available that can be used to enable additions and revisions.