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MS Windows is one of the most used operating systems of the world. MS, which stands for Microsoft, has been offering user friendly versions of its operating system right from 1985 with its Windows 1.0 being the first. Over the years, with advancement in the hardware, Windows has come out with its variants for different configurations. Features which were inherited from the Windows 1.0 have been added upon. Components such as Calculator Calendar, Notepad and Paint now hold nostalgic values.

MS Windows has been demanded in other languages by the market. The users around the world although much familiar to English, there are few dominant groups who wish to stick to their mother tongue and therefore, Windows in their mother tongue would be preferably helpful to them. As of now, there are three main issues- some languages are required to have an Input Method Editor to enter the relevant text, many users have professed that application menus and also the keyword in their languages would be highly appreciated and the third that many people want the windows and all its applications to appear in their preferred language. Microsoft in its releases has few language specific operating systems, i.e. the other variant of its English language.

Apart from that, it also has Language Interface Packs which are mostly free although some of them are available at a price. Microsoft has had its own versions of anti-virus known differently with its compliant version. The latest in the offering is the Microsoft Security Essentials which is normally found in the Windows 8.0 variant. It has the options of turning off the same if a user wishes to put another anti-spyware to use.

The latest range is the Microsoft Windows Mobile version. With the segment of smart phone gradually and virtually wiping the feature phones off the market, Windows has its own set of mobile version partnered with Nokia.

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