Internet Engineering Task Force

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The IETF or the Internet Engineering Task Force promotes and develops the ‘Internet standards’, collaborating closely with the ISO/IEC and W3C standards forms and trading in specific with the standards of the IP suite (TCP/IP). It is a well-known standards firm, with no official association or membership necessities. It began as a United States centralized government firm, and nowadays it functions as a non-governmental, not-for-profit and a non-commercial organization.

All applicants and other officials are volunteers; however their effort is generally subsidized by their sponsors or employers.

The employed groups are systematized into different fields of work, depending upon the subject matter. Current field of work includes General, Applications, Operations and Management, Internet, Routing, Real-time Applications and Infrastructure, Transport, and Security. Each area of work is administered by an AD (Area Director), with most of the areas consisting of two or more co-ADs.


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