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The Intercloud is referred to the system of the cloud of the clouds which bridges the gap between the cloud service providers and the end users. The primary concept remains that that it is impossible to acquire limitless resources or uncensored global presence for a single cloud service provider and that is where Intercloud pitches in. The Intercloud makes sure that whenever a particular cloud ceases to afford further resources or provide services to a certain expanse of the globe, it puts in its own resources to compensate for the same and thus ensuring smooth services without any hitches.

The clouds will have to have a pre-ensured relationship with the intercloud service providing organization. It is similar to the aligned services as extended by the telecom service providers. This is one of the ways in which the internet works today catering to remote locations of the globe. Such collaborations will prove beneficial not only to the end users but open up new avenues to the cloud services available in the different business arenas.


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