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Hyper-V is a natural hypervisor that allows stage virtualization on x86-64 methods. A beta form of Hyper-V was dispatched with a few x86-64 versions of Windows Server 2008, and a concluded form (spontaneously modified through Windows Update) was on the loose on 2008, 26th June. Hyper-V has meanwhile been released in an open separate format, and has been modified to Release 2 (R2) position. It was restructured in Windows Server 2012. A chief server with Hyper-V competence could be opened virtually by various visitor computers. Each visitor computer could carry out as if they are directly utilizing the host server. The users on the visitor computers could manage the applications in the main server remotely, from his laptop; however that application is not present on the visitors’ computer. Hyper-V is also code named as the Viridian, which was earlier known as WSV (Windows Server Virtualization).


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