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File hosting service can be defined as an Internet hosting service that is specifically devised for hosting user files. The term hosting actually denotes that only user data is stored on the backend for Internet and other interrelated services. Generally the stored data either belongs to one or multiple user. The end-users can later on access or retrieve this data via FTP or HTTP.

The data stored by the user can include pictures, videos, audio, data files, software, manuals, tutorials or E-books. There are numerous of service providers that offer file hosting services with either a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Nevertheless, it’s generally not possible for everyone to afford a file server for data storage and retrieval. Relative to other services, file hosting is offered by numerous file storage providers. File hosting services can be furthermore classified into many sub-services, as mentioned below:

Software File Hosting: Authors of freeware and Open source usually use this service to deliver their software. Some providers use purposely slow downloading options for free users, so as to buoy up them to buy a premium service to get complete privileges. These services are even put into use for marketing purposes.

Personal File Storage: Devised to store personal data and backup individual files, similarly as any network storage system does. These data and files are usually protected with a strong password and only paid users can upload and share their data with approved users. And, these files are accessible via HTTP or FTP.

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