Enterprise Information System

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An enterprise information system can be referred to as any type of information system which enhances the overall functionality of an enterprise business process through incorporation. In simpler terms, it means delivering of superior quality of service, management of massive volumes of data and efficient enough to support huge and perhaps highly intricate organization or enterprise. However, an enterprise information system should be capable enough to be utilized by all segments and at all levels of an enterprise.

Generally speaking, the term “enterprise” can have numerous implications. Often this term is used only to denote to big conglomerates, such as multi-national companies or public sector organizations.

What is the main purpose behind the usage of enterprise information system?

Enterprise information systems offer a technology platform that allows businesses to assimilate and synchronize their business processes on a dynamic footing. An EIS is at present employed in concurrence with customer relationship management and supply chain management to smoothly systematize all the business processes. An EIS provides a single-point system that is vital to the businesses and guarantees that the information can be shared or disseminated across all the functional levels and management hierarchy wise.

An Enterprise information system can be deployed to improve and enhance the overall productivity of a business and minimize the service and product development, and marketing life-cycles. It can also be put into use, so as to combine the existing applications swiftly.


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