Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise architecture is a technique employed to conduct enterprise-class analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using an across-the-board approach, for the effective formation and execution of strategy. It puts into application the architecture principles and practices to assist organizations during the business, information, process, and technology transitional process, which is definitely indispensable in order to execute their strategies. These practices put into use several important aspects of an enterprise to recognize, encourage, and accomplish these desired changes.

Some of the key benefits of enterprise architecture from business point of view are:

- Promote the ethos of incessant business progression, thereby refining everyone's quality of work and deliver abilities.

- Augment and improves the business flexibility by providing an easy-going and scalable framework, more elastic structures and unsurpassed business practices

- Share abilities, expertise and information to proliferate the overall asset values

- Engenders the business technology infrastructures to provide cost effective outcomes

- Brings together all the business resources collectively so as to create a boundary less business


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