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End user computing (EUC) refers to systems in which end-users are empowered to create programming applications. In other words it tries to create an environment in which an attempt is made to integrate end users into the computing environment.

Traditional IT has always been driven by the business and controlled by the IT Department. EUC aims to reverse this tradition by designing and implementing an IT environment where end users play an active role in finding solutions to various types of problems associated with computing. Some of the basic functions and focus of EUC is on following:

What does the end user require?

In what best possible manner can it be delivered to the end user?

How to find ways and means for better user customisation?

How to promote greater end user freedom without compromising on any way on the whole security aspect of the system?

EOC come with varying range of complexities. The simplest can be users just clicking some simple buttons and the most complex could be end users writing codes and modifying and executing them in a controlled environment. End-user computing allows more user-input into system affairs that can range from personalization to full-fledged ownership of a system.


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