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CMS is a web application that you can on your server to help facilitate creating a website. Enano CMS is a lightweight hybrid CMS Hosting that focuses on being fast, secure and extendable. Enano is designed to be a wiki at core and a flexible, open development model.

Enano CMS combines wiki model with a highly useable interface. It is issued under GPL General Public license and is freely available. Enano is a simple to use, simple to manage CMS which does it all in AJAX dramatic fashion from page editing to much more.

Enano is all new approach to content management. It makes users the part of the site. With Enano you can have central set of static pages and then build a wiki on top of that set. It has advanced security features to provide secure and reliable content to the users. Enanos own model of security is much more advanced than other systems.

Enano CMS includes plug-ins and has an API for developers, it makes expanding much easier. It allows user to create website and has a unified look and feel for every page. It takes care of user management, database abstraction, caching, JavaScript based effects and tons of other things.

To sum it up Enano CMS enables you to review history, add commit notes, edit pages with wiki, rollback to any changes on the page, chose from variety of plug-ins to add portals, forums, blogs and other features.

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