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Email hosting can be defined as a service that runs email servers. In other words, email hosting services generally provide world-class email at a charge as contrary to commercial-supported free email or free webmail. email hosting service provider thus vary from usual end-user email providers i.e. web-mail sites. They meet the needs and requirements of demanding email users and small and mid-size (SME) businesses, while larger enterprises generally have their own email hosting service as they procure their own licensed software, such as Microsoft Exchange or Postfix.

Some of the key benefits of email hosting solution are:

- Highly Safe and Secure: The service providers that offer [e-mail hosting solution usually furnish their servers with industry-specific encryption provisions, which mean that a comprehensive conversion of data that takes place is fully encrypted and no unsanctioned party has any access to it.

- Sufficient Storage: The service providers offering this service also make certain that its end-users get a sufficient volume of storage space. All hosting service providers usually provide a storage space that is more than enough to store thousands of mission-critical information or data. The more scalable or elastic will be an email hosting plan, the more it will enable the end-users to either scale up or down the storage limit given to them as per the plan they have opted.

- Address Book: It can be considered as one of the most imperative attribute of the email hosting services. The service providers provide the end-users with the capability to share address book with the other authorized user.

- Spam and Virus Filters: Another important aspect that makes these services optimal from business point of view is that it comes with an in-built spam and virus filters. An email hosting service provider generally ensures that spam mails should never land up in your mailbox.


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