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A DNS hosting service can be defined as service that operates Domain Name System servers. Practically most of it not all, domain name registrars include DNS hosting service while registration. You can even take up free of cost DNS hosting services as it is also available in the market. Well, there are a lot of third-party DNS hosting service providers offering dynamic DNS services.

DNS hosting service is ideal when the service provider owns and manages multiple servers in different geographic locations that facilitates flexibility and abates latency for clients across the globe. By operating DNS nodes nearby to the end users, DNS requests travel a much diminutive distance, ensuing quicker Web address resolution speed.

DNS can easily be hosted by the end-user simply by integrating DNS software on standard Internet hosting services.

The benefits of choosing DNS hosting services are various, but there are quite a few that have made it popular among the businesses are:

- Easy and quick management

- Improved DNS performance

- Enhanced stability

One of the key benefits of hosting your DNS with a service provider is that it is separate from the registrar, which ways the end-user can easily transfer their domain name from one registrar to another without getting bogged down.

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