Data Center Solution Provider mean

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Data Center Solution Provider are organizations involved in providing offsite data center facilities and infrastructure to businesses / enterprises. In this arrangement, businesses rent or lease access to the solution provider’s data center, using the servers, storage, networking and other computing resources owned by the Data Center Service Provider.

Typically, a data center solution provider is engaged in a business that can no longer expand its own data center. This may be due to the lack of - physical space, capital, power or cooling, skilled & experienced IT professionals or some other factors. By turning to a data center solution provider, an enterprise essentially outsources all or a portion of its data center to the provider. Then the enterprise accesses the provider’s computing resources remotely across a WAN.

For instance, an enterprise may opt to concentrate on maintaining a small number of mission-critical applications in-house. Instead of increasing workforce, and investing capital in computing hardware and other infrastructure, the enterprise may rent resources from a data center solution provider to manage secondary or momentary applications.

The biggest concerns associated with a data center solution provider are availability and business continuity. For instance, provider’s downtime or any disruption in WAN can lead to unavailability of some applications. Being a business, a data center solution provider, sometimes, may merge with other businesses, suffer staffing issues, and occasionally go out of business, leaving clients with the challenge of recovering or restoring affected applications.