Data Center Container

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Datacenter container, also called as datacenter-in-a-box or modular datacenter, is a method of deploying data centers that is designed to add datacenter capacity and to reduce expenses incurred out of an organization’s cooling and power consumption. A container can be referred as a modular, portable self-contained environment that can easily be relocated and installed in parallel with others to build large modular datacenter. Also, installation of a datacenter container is faster than a traditional datacenter.

Even though the basic model of a datacenter container is a fully functional system; for advance benefits, however, you can add suitable option to the basic version. Today, datacenter containers are designed keeping costs, quick installation and improved energy performance in mind. Unlike, the earlier generation datacenter designs provided limited energy efficiency benefits. The designs were complicated by several infrastructure support requirements that includes use of water for cooling system.

Popularized by vendors – Sun Microsystems and Rackable Systems- datacenter container is considered to be part of the modern datacenter.


1. Server Colocation