Data Center Architecture

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A data center is a physical place where a large number of computer servers, power, applications, and such other equipment and resources are kept to centralize the IT operation of organizations. It plays the pivotal role in the continuity of daily operations of organizations.

Whereas, a data center architecture is the physical and logical layout of the equipment within a data center facility. It’s considered as a blueprint for designing and deploying a datacenter facility. A datacenter architecture a layered process that offers guidelines in the development of a datacenter.

A datacenter architecture determines the overall physical arrangements of the server, storage, racks, networking and other resources. Besides, it spell out how these resources/equipment will be interconnected and how the physical and logical security workflows are placed.

Generally, a datacenter architecture incorporates:-

Datacenter network architecture
Datacenter security architecture
Datacenter computing architecture
Datacenter physical architecture
Datacenter information architecture


1. Server Colocation