Data Center

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A data centre is well defined as a dedicated space used to house computer systems and associated components. It is a well-equipped facility where companies can keep their server and operate most of the ICT infrastructure ensuring uninterrupted support for their business. Advanced servers and storage equipment are the vital parts that run application software, process and store data as well as content. In plain words, it can be defined as a simple cage or rack of equipment or a room that is housing several cabinets depending on the scale of their operation.

Such hi-tech and equipment of heavy duty will generate the heat and will make the temperature unstable. In such a scenario, a well-equipped data center will have suitable measures for the situations. The environment of the facility is well controlled in terms of various areas such as temperature & humidity. It is necessary to ensure both the performance as well as operational integrity of the systems within. Such self-sufficient facilities will generally include power supplies, backup power, chillers, cabling, fire and water detection systems and security controls.

Furthermore, Data centres can be in-house and located in a company’s own facility. Or as a smart client one can choose the option of outsourced facility with equipment being colocated at a third-party site. Outsourcing does not necessarily mean relinquishing control of your equipment – it can be as simple as finding the right place to house that equipment.


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