Computer Security

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Computer security is a very broad term to decipher and its meaning has evolved in recent years. Before data security became one of the biggest issues of concern and widely publicized in the industry, the general idea of computer security was focused on the physical machine.

As per the traditional concept, computer facilities were physically protected for the following three reasons:

- Prevention of theft or any damage to the hardware

- To avoid theft of or damage to the information

- Excluding any disruption of service

Earlier, these strict procedures were only and obvious computer security measures to take for an organization. However, advanced virtual security measures like remote terminal access, communications, and networking provide meaningful protection for both the information or the service and ensuring that both are perfectly secure.

In the IT industry, the term computer security refers to some simply advanced techniques ensuring that data stored in a computer is not accessible by any unauthorized users or individuals. Most of the computer security measures involve data encryption and passwords.


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