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Colocation refers to the standard practices of housing your powerful servers and devices in a professional data center facility. This advanced approach grants you the access of advanced infrastructure, improved bandwidth, lower latency and systems. Apart from this, clients get constant security of server and other resources with whole host of additional advantages.

As technological trends favors sophistication and advancement, the option of constructing private data center facility becomes unreasonable due to the huge cost incur. Colocation services are offered by data centers that are well-equipped and configured to allow secure client access to their private servers. Leasing server cabinets and cages ISP's network connection and physical infrastructure, and monitoring server status are also the part of colocation services. Following are the advantages of colocation for which a client can look forward to:

- Environmental control to keep temperature constant and maintain humidity

- Fire suppression systems

- Redundant power sources with uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) backup

- Large capacity of quality bandwidth

- Secured card entry and video monitoring of the facilities


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