Clustered Web Hosting

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Clustered hosting is a kind of web hosting that distributes the load of hosting across multiple physical devices or node resulting into enhanced availability and decreases the chances of one service. Several of large websites operate on clustered hosting solutions, for instance, large discussion forums will tend to run using multiple front-end web servers with multiple back-end database servers.

Usually, several hosting infrastructures are based on the pattern of single physical machine usage to host multiple hosted services in range including web, database, email, FTP and others. A generic single physical machine is not only a single point of failure, but also has restricted capacity for traffic. This approach can be difficult for a busy website or for a website that is experiencing temporary bursts in traffic.

By clustering of services across multiple hardware machines and using load balancing, single points of failure can be eliminated. Availability of a website will be enhanced and other web services will also improve beyond that of ordinary single server hosting. Periodic reboots for software upgrades are possible with single server whereas you can lurch restarts in a clustered platform of services such that the service is still available whilst still upgrading all necessary machines in the cluster. In many forms, clustered hosting is somewhat similar to cloud hosting.

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