Cloud Storage API

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A Cloud Storage API is a special type of application program interface (API) that connects a locally-based application to a cloud-based storage system, so that a user can access, add, edit or remove data stored on the remote cloud storage server. To the application, the cloud-based storage server is just another target device, such as – tape or disk-based

A web application requests services and operations from a remote cloud-based storage server through an integrated cloud-based storage API. In general, these APIs are designed over REST or ReST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) architectures that enables the retrieval of data stored over distributed database systems, like – Web storage and cloud techniques.

For instance, the Google Cloud Storage Application Program Interface permits developers to write program and manage data through its REST-oriented interface on Google Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage APIs also enable session initiation / termination, data management services along with other storage management functionality.