Cloud Management

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Cloud management refers to the software and technologies developed for running and managing applications, data and services dwelling in the cloud. Cloud management software suites aid in ensuring cloud computing-based resources are operating smoothly and seamlessly collaborating with users and other services.

There is no denying Cloud computing is associated with a wide range of management issues. Organizations using public cloud do not get the right to use hosting infrastructure as it is not integrated within their networks. Managing hosting infrastructure has become a concern for all three models of cloud computing, such as Private Cloud, Public Cloud and hybrid cloud. This is where the role of cloud management comes into play as it shoulders the responsibility of participating in a number of tasks including performance overseeing, security and compliance auditing and management, and taking care of disaster recovery and contingency plans.

With cloud computing turning out to be more intricate, an organization’s use of cloud management software is going to be as elastic and scalable as its cloud computing plan.


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