Cloud Computing Reseller

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A cloud computing reseller is another kind of service provider that purchases products and services of cloud computing from a cloud vendor. After buying such cloud-based products and services, the reseller sells them again to its own clientele base. Also referred to as a value added cloud reseller, this type of IT service provider can resell primarily overall cloud computing services such as software, infrastructure, storage, services, and so on. The service provider when reselling such products can make profit substantially and if the reseller adopts the while label reselling program, products and services destined to be resold can be rebranded in reseller’s own name.

The cloud computing reseller acts like an owner of a reseller web hosting that sells a portion of his/her server space to a number of customers who want to make the most of cloud hosting. The reseller bridges the gap between a user and cloud service provider while delivering cloud computing services. The reseller resells cloud computing products and services at discernible prices, allowing users to benefit from substantial cost savings and optimized performance of IT resources in tandem.


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