Business Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage also known as online storage refers to the online storage of data. Businesses can make use of cloud storage to remotely manage, maintain and backup their important data and information. As well as keeping a copy of your documents, files, presentations, multimedia, spreadsheet, etc on physical storage devices such as hard disks, flash drives, CDs, companies can also securely transmit this data to a remote server for security reasons and to access it through Internet from anywhere.

Online storage solutions are usually provided using a large network of virtual servers that also come with tools for managing files and organizing your virtual storage space. Recent research and studies suggest that businesses gaining competitive advantage with the help of cloud storage have almost doubled in last couple of years and by 2017, the public cloud storage market is expected to exceed $200 billion.

Some of the distinct advantages offered by cloud storage are as following:

High level of accessibility—data stored on cloud can be accessed by anyone and anywhere by anybody with the right credentials and passwords. You need not send bulky email files to your clients and employees.

High levels of cost saving—organizations are spared the trouble of investing in costly hardware and IT staff to store their data.


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