Bandwidth Pooling

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Bandwidth pooling is utilized in devices called network stitches for optimizing the usage of network resources. It allows for the processing cards of the switches to be shared by the cards of the physical interface. This is a unique form of innovation that frees the resources of the switches that could be stranded when the interface cards of lower rates are deployed for an aggregation switch.

When it comes to dedicated hosting, bandwidth pooling is nothing short of an important mechanism for buyer hosting. This is done for determining which one of the provider is offering the correct mechanism for pricing when it comes to determining the pricing for bandwidth. Most hosting providers dealing with dedicated hosting will be bundling the bandwidth pricing with the monthly prices charged for the private and dedicated server alone.

The measure is an important one to be understood and perhaps even conceptualized by users before going for a dedicated hosting plan. In case of problems expert intervention and planning should be sought. It is important to come to terms with these important mechanisms before making a choice. It is always better to be informed well before making a choice so that intelligent choices can be made.


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