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Ametys is an open source Java based content management system (CMS) that has an easy to use interface and rich content features. The web CMS inserts some of the most innovative and best technologies assuring of reliability, scalability and sustainability to create powerful and content rich websites. It is modelled and built to handle from large enterprises, events, portals, extranets, intranets, public institutions and blogs to a single page website.

The Ametys CMS is designed after the popular ribbon toolbar Microsoft Office GUI by which the developers can compress and bundle many controls within a small space. Some of the features of Ametys CMS include: multi-site and multilingual platforms that shares content between sites, enhanced security and debug tools, front end editing, RSS feed support, easy customizable and improvable content type, compatibility and integration capability to several document types like Alfresco, document library manager etc. It offers tools like blogs, Wikis, front-end editing, comments feed, Twitter feed integration, share buttons and Open Social gadgets. The CMS supports web accessibility (WAI) standards like design, editorial, ergonomics, Maps, newsletter management, online survey management and web form management. Ametys CMS users do not require any specific skills or training to manage and create web design templates.

Ametys was first deployed in 2003 by a few Java and Web professionals and was soon developed and designed as an open source CMS in the year 2009 by Anyware Services that has its headquarters in France. Ametys latest version is the 3.73 and offers several improvements and security functionalities. The CMS requires compatibility with Java 6 or higher and Tomcat 6 or higher versions.

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