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AbanteCart is a boon for the small-scale online business houses, as it is secure and comes with an excellent layout. This is the result of the hard work done by the passionate group of people working towards the growth of the online business. This shopping cart is loaded with features that make the website user friendly and interesting. AbanteCart comes with an attractive storefront that was highly in demand. It is extremely beneficial for the storeowners as they are the ones who spend maximum time looking at the website. This shopping cart also allows the easy distribution of the digital goods and gives complete control of the digital products to the business owners.

AbanteCart has many new features to deliver like the 1.18 version administrator of this shopping cart takes commands and verbally name the desired action given by the user. Some of the actions that can be performed by the voice commands include opening pages, carry out operations of the system, establishing speedy connections etc. This is not just easy to install but is also extendable and manageable. It is also known to have superior visuals, which will give complete new experience to the users. It is best suited in today’s time as new changes are made very frequently in the business environment and it is important to be up-to-date. The shopping cart is exceptional as it allows you include new service or feature as and when needed. This is simply unique, innovative and best suited for any online business.


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