Dedicated Hosting Services

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A dedicated web hosting server is a server that is used by one, and only a single client. Usually the server is borrowed, or leased from a web hosting service provider for a monthly charge. A dedicated server hosting solution is highly robust and secure hosting solution available.

Relatively to shared or VPS hosting, performance is much superior because only one single client utilizes the server resources. All the resources are dedicatedly allocated to the registered website owner. Above all, there is no probability that any user can install a script or, due to feeble security provisions, allow his or her website to be hacked, which may jeopardize the security or reliability of another user’s site. This is of paramount importance for big corporations or multinational companies where security and reliability are taken very earnestly. As security is not a raised concern in a dedicated environment, the client gets more autonomy, access, and control.

Some key benefits of selecting dedicated hosting include:

Flexibility – This feature of the dedicated hosting provisions enables you to use and configure your server as per your growing or changing requirements as it remains within your apportioned bandwidth, memory and hard drive space.

Control – Since you are not sharing the server with users, it gives an increased amount of control over the server in comparison to the shared hosting. For instance, you do get root access that you would certainly not be getting in case shared services.

Featured Solutions – Each and every web host has diverse features that are included in the hosting packages offered by different service providers. Some may be offering a minimal amount of add-on services, while others may provide you some supplementary features, such as scripts, spam monitoring provisions, control panel and e-commerce solutions.

Stability Factor – Since you would not be sharing resources with others, you don’t have to get weighed down about what others are practicing which might affect your website’s performance to a great extent. In the same vein, though, you do not even have to be worried about enlarging a shared solution. You can stick to one particular dedicated solution in the long run without shifting to other hosting solutions.


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