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Seven different types of Virtualization

In the similar fields of technical or say non-technical business, the technology of virtualization has become a slogan of various classes. However what will the present technical mode really indicate, and the how will it have an influence over things such as network security? What is meant by Virtualization, technically? Virtualization is basically an astonishingly Read more>>


Server Virtualization Software comparison ─ Microsoft Hyper-V vs VMware vSphere vs Citrix XenServer vs Red Hat KVM

Virtualization has become popular since its evolution back in the Sixties. Back then, it absolutely was the high period of mainframes, and International Business Machines (IBM) introduced Virtual Machines and then involved them within every nook and cranny of the industrial sphere. The CP-67 software assisted in executing very distinguished applications along with enhancing consumption Read more>>

Enterprise Virtualization- Understanding Relevance of Key Areas

Enterprise Virtualization- Understanding Relevance of Key Areas

Virtualization is a highly beneficial process for reducing enterprise IT costs by allowing business of every size to enhance agility and efficiency. Virtualization enables enterprises to use a single machine for running multiple operating systems as well as applications. It also helps reduce number of servers by consolidation of hardware yet achieve greater productivity. With Read more>>


Understanding Relevance of Windows VPS for hosting nopCommerce Platform

Most of the ecommerce applications that are based on ASP.Net are characterized by complex setup procedures and are available as paid versions. Owners of ecommerce stores can now manage their store with an application having ASP.Net support without going for complex and paid solutions. The open source and stable nopCommerce solution is the perfect and Read more>>


How VPS Hosting Epitomizes your Online Business Presence?

Have an incredible startup idea? Planning to jump on the bandwagon? Definitely, you will need an exceptional hosting to convert your brilliant idea into an exuberant online venture that serves the need of different end-users. As ecommerce has tremendously gained a momentum in this current business verge, it is imperative to establish a solid ground, Read more>>


5 Simple Commands to Monitor the Performance of Your Linux VPS

You all will agree with the notion that performance has become one of the key metrics for businesses across all protuberant segments. Ostensible fact is that no business can withstand or grow well in today’s economic landscape without making provisions obligatory for confirming the same level. In the similar lines, it is unquestionably important for Read more>>


Difference between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting

There are mainly two types of operating system used for web servers all around the world – Linux and Windows. Linux is the more popular and widely used option among the two. The flexibility and robustness of Linux is one of the main reasons why web developers, database administrators and web designers prefer Linux as Read more>>


Difference between Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Explained

It is of utmost importance for an individual or organization to choose their hosting solutions with care and consideration. There are many different types of hosting options available and an organization or an end user must properly understand the difference between shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting to choose a type of hosting that Read more>>


Optimize Virtualization for Increased Business Output

Today, companies are under extreme pressure to deliver consummate functionality – faster within constricted-budget schedules. It is no secret that costs allied with power, cooling, and other IT resources coupled with maintenance intricacies, makes it a challenging mission for CIOs and IT administrators. This underscores the need for centralized, integrated and business friendly IT environment.  Read more>>


Choosing between VPS Server and Cloud Hosting for Your E-commerce Business

Entrepreneurs trying to set up e-commerce businesses are confronted with multiple hosting options when trying to launch their online business portal. Considering the online nature of business, it is important that they choose the right option to prevent any possible risk to their business. In this post, we will try and understand two of the Read more>>


Benefits of Using a Well-defined VPN

Businesses these days grow to multiple offices across the globe. In order to ensure the smooth running of business operations, you need to devise a smooth, secure and reliable means of transmitting data. This is all the more essential for people travelling all the time such as salespeople; only then can they connect to computer Read more>>


Is a VPS Hosting Server Also Considered a Virtual Dedicated Server?

Experimentations are on with VPS web hosting technique. Some web hosting providers have started offering completely managed virtual hosting servers to their customers. The hosting providers have come up with fully-managed VPS hosting server versions which are just like a dedicated hosting server. The only difference is the price. Yes, a dedicated web hosting server Read more>>


Virtual Private Server Hosting is Risky

Virtual private server is the best option for SMEs and startup companies because the only best thing about this hosting process is the affordability or low price. Though, the price of a virtual private server depends on site’s storage, technology, and bandwidth requirements.  In some cases hosting organizations offer free hosting in the return for Read more>>


Windows On VPS Servers And Some Reasons For Its Growing Popularity

VPS Servers or virtual private servers are protected and reliable hosts. This technology is costly but again it is highly secure, steadfast and robust. VPS technology also helps to keep data confidential and offers a seamless access 24×7. Windows can be made to run on VPS Servers by two types of virtualization technologies. The first Read more>>

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Protecting Virtual Servers Using Appropriate Protection Level

Companies are progressively moving to server virtualization as a way to trim down IT costs and to improvise the manageability of their IT infrastructure. However, virtualization can even lead to a single point of failure, if the hosting provider’s systems are not appropriately managed, or the storage itself gets faulty. The situation can be catastrophic Read more>>